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Save $1.00 on Earth Breeze Eco-Sheets with promo code: EBONE
Finding Happiness in Small Moments

Finding Happiness in Small Moments

What a year right?

As a community, people are looking for opportunities to find joy while adapting to looong stretches at home with limited ability to connect personally with family and friends. An ongoing trend we've noticed is that our thoughtful customers are giving practical, useful and interesting household items to others (and treating themselves!)
While we may not all be able to gather in the same ways as in the past, the ability to share that you’re thinking of someone and care for them has never been easier. Thanks to technology and simple, efficient shipping options it can take just a moment to find a thoughtful, eco-friendly gift that opens a new world for those you care about.
Don’t forget to take care of yourself either. Each year the American Psychological Association (APA) does a survey evaluating the level and impact of stress in America. The Stress in America survey for 2020 pointed to significantly higher strains than ever before.
Finding ways to have moments of peace and joy are critical in managing mental health and balance. Being mindful of ways to improve your self-care brings light into even challenging times. 

  • Meditation or just a few minutes to quietly relax your mind can provide balance for the day. You don’t need to think of anything but simply breathe deeply to reduce stress. 
  • Prioritize sleep through regular sleep health and good habits.

Simple changes to your home can add a spark or simplify your life while helping you focus on yourself.


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