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Save 15% Site-wide through May. Use promo code: MAY15
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Eco-trends of 2021 and What You Can Do

Creating Eco-friendly Routines

While the world changed in so many ways in 2020, so did the environment for eco-friendly products and how they are being used. With so many of us spending a lot more time at home while adapting to the impact of COVID-19 on day-to-day life, you may have found some new routines for yourself. As we settle into 2021 and look forward to what lies ahead, there are a number of trends that are likely to continue and grow so we’re sharing a few observations over the coming days.

A Growing Desire to Reduce our Personal Impact on the Environment

A global pandemic was not on the wish list for anyone in the past year, but it has shifted demand both for and against the use of plastic in a wide variety of ways.

At the early stage of the pandemic, with oil prices dropping, production of new plastics became inexpensive along with increasing demand for plastic protective equipment.

Once millions of consumers all over the globe began staying at home and limiting exposure outside their home, there was a significant increase in the use of single-use plastic whether for PPE needs or dining and packaging associated with consumer needs.

As a response to these changes and the huge impact this is having on our world, many of us are looking for ways to make positive change in our own lives.

  • Instead of using single-use plastics, we can make simple choices to use fewer disposable utensils and packaging.



  • Much has been made of our renewed love of baking that has been a positive of more time at home. Cheering up your kitchen with colorful bamboo mixing bowls and quality baking tools that aren’t plastic is a great option. Get those muffin and bread recipes ready to go!
  • Finding products without plastic packaging is a simple way to avoid adding to the current challenges we face. Every time you can choose a better made, better packaged product you take years of plastic waste out of a landfill.

Even a few easy steps can make an important difference and each of us has an opportunity to help!

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