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Sustainable Design Program

Building a Future of Leadership in Sustainability

One of my main goals with ECOccasion is to make a difference in the future of sustainable design and to support a future generation of eco-minded professionals.

Let me introduce you to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) and the Sustainable Design Online Program. This Masters level program provides students with deep education on leading sustainable theory, application, and leadership to develop new programs focused on sustainability. Each student commits to challenging course work culminating in a sustainability-focused thesis project and presentation including review of how their proposed work will make an impact with actively practicing sustainability professionals.

Denise DeLuca was formerly the Director of MCAD’s Sustainable Design program and authored the program blog in addition to her leadership role at the college. She noted that students in this program have the potential to truly impact the world. “Designers have the ability to span the gap that exists for most of us between imagination and reality.  What I love about sustainable design is that it goes a step further to span — and ideally close — the gap that exists between idealism and pragmatism, between sustainability and humanity” said DeLuca.

As we work to make a positive difference in our world, I’m proud to help others who are passionate about sustainability and developing eco-friendly changes to help us all. That may take the form of new product design, packaging, plastic-free solutions, or reduction in waste. Every time you support ECOccasion, you’re helping in my goal of funding scholarships for students or promoting their ideas and achievements. You can also feel good about the products you are choosing for yourself and family or friends.

In addition, you can help directly by donating to assist these students in reaching their goals through our site and the “tip” feature we include which helps students pay for their ISSP-SEA professional credential program upon completion of their studies. 

DeLuca shared, “Both the MASD program and the ISSP-SEA credential cost money. Our graduates have made a tremendous commitment of both time and money to empower and equip themselves to make the world a better place for the rest of us. Alumni support from people like Kristen and ECOccasion not only helps these students achieve their goals, it sends a strong message that people notice -- and care.”

Thank you all for your continued support!

Kristen Nottingham

Owner of ECOccasion


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