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Where Will My Donation Go?

My overall goal with ECOccasion is to fund scholarships for students studying sustainable design and manufacturing. I believe the time has come to discontinue producing products that harm the environment and also to shift the environmental responsibility off of the consumer and onto the companies that produce them.

I'm just starting out though and this is quite a lofty goal.

So, what I've done is added a "Tip" feature to the checkout page. When you leave a tip, it goes into a fund that supports sustainable design graduates at my alma mater, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, in taking their (ISSP-SEA) certification after graduation. (International Society of Sustainability Professionals Sustainability Excellence Associate (ISSP-SEA) certification.)


(Read more about this partnership in our blog post.)

This certification provides third-party verification of competency in the profession, and is an important strategy to drive progress in sustainability in organizations and communities at a global scale.

Many students can't afford to take this crucial last step so we are helping them!

Your donations will help support MASD students (Master of Arts in Sustainable Design (MASD) at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD)) in covering the cost of this certification, which will give them the credibility they need to drive change in their future careers, and be the leaders who will help us reach a more sustainable future. Thank you!

Learn more about the MASD program:

Learn more about the ISSP-SEA certification: