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Free US Shipping On Orders Over $35

Cornstarch Produce Bag Set of 3 - Pink & Peach


These reusable produce bags are made from cornstarch and have been designed to replace those wasteful bags you get in the grocery store to put your fruits and veggies in. Your food deserve better! They are great to use at farmers' markets too. They're strong (carry close to 8 pounds), lightweight and you can see what's in them easily.

The really, REALLY cool thing about these bags is that they are compostable and yet you can wash them in your kitchen sink OR washing machine (on delicate). Weird, right? As if that isn't enough of a selling can stick these right in your fridge when you get home and they help keep your fruit and veggies fresh due to the fact that they are water permeable! What will they think of next?

You could even use these to wash delicate laundry or your reusable facial rounds.

All the bags are plain white with colorful strings made of viscose (based on celulosis).

Each box contains a set of 3 produce bags ( 1 pink and 2 peach) 12.6x12.6 inches.

Puhleease don't leave them in direct sunlight or leave them in a hot car, because, you know, they're compostable. The box they come in is made out of recycled paper.

Made in Europe. That's novel!