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Save 15% Site-wide Today! Promo code: SAVE15TODAY

Zero Waste Self-Care

Indulge in some sass and self-care with our collection of pampering products. From lip balms to repurposed coffee ground face scrubs, and nourishing shampoo bars, we have everything you need to treat yourself right. Self-care is not selfish, it's essential. Our products make it easy and enjoyable to take care of yourself, so go ahead and indulge. You deserve it!

KOOSHOO Plastic-free Scrunchies 2-Packs

Original price $20.00 - Original price $20.00
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$20.00 - $20.00
Current price $20.00

KOOSHOO has truly modernized the Scrunchie category. As well as being the first 100% Fairtrade, plastic-free and zero waste Scrunchies in the...

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KOOSHOO Plastic-free Round Hair Ties

Original price $16.00 - Original price $16.00
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$16.00 - $16.00
Current price $16.00

Super strong, gentle on hair, stylish, and plastic-free. These are the hair accessories the world needs right now. In curated colors to match...

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