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Free Shipping Over $55 — All Orders Ship Plastic-free & Carbon-offset

Zero Waste Composting & Trash

  • $9.95

    Bamboozle Kitchen Composter Charcoal Filters

    This Knork & Bamboozle kitchen countertop compost bin filter refill activated carbon 6 pack is packaged in a cardboard sleeve. (Not plastic was...

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  • $50.00

    Bamboozle Countertop Bamboo Composter

    Let's send less to the landfill! Convert your own organic waste into compost to enrich the soil in your backyard. This bin is perfect for storing o...

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    Current price $30.95

    Compostable Trash Bags - Pack of 100

    Contents: 100 bags Bag Size: 43cm x 46cm. 10 liter. Extra Strong, Leak-proof with gathered base. 100% biodegradable and compostable, made f...

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    Current price $30.95
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  • from $1.45

    Biodegradable Poop Bags

    GreenLine Poop Bags are the only poop bags on the market that truly biodegrade. Made with new technology, the bags biodegrade anywhere, including ...

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    from $1.45
  • $6.95

    Compostable Dog Poop Bags

    While pet waste is not readily accepted at most compost facilities around the country, there are now a number of communities and parks successfully...

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  • from $6.95

    Compostable Food Scrap Bags

    BioBag® Food Scrap Collection Bags are highly breathable and certified both home & industrial compostable. Keeps buckets clean, reduces the i...

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    from $6.95
  • $16.95

    Repurposed Vinyl Banner Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

    These bags have a story. They were banners, discarded after the festival and destined for a landfill. Transformed into a poop bag pouch with a pur...

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