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Zero Waste Club

Zero Waste Club: Sustainable Essentials for a Better World

Zero Waste Club was born out of frustration and a desire for positive change. Co-founded by friends Rishi and Pawan, their mission is clear: to create truly sustainable, beautifully designed, and ethical essentials that don’t break the bank. They reject the notion that eco-friendly products should be labeled as luxury items. Instead, they offer accessible, vegan, and ethically produced goods. Transparency is at their core—they open up their supply chain for everyone to see. By doing business differently, Zero Waste Club hopes to inspire a shift toward more conscious consumption. Join us in making sustainability a necessity, not a luxury.

Natural Bottle Cleaning Brush

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Perfect zero waste bottle brush! Zero Waste, environmentally friendly bottle cleaning brush.  Perfect to clean bottles and jars where your hand...

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Round Coconut Scourers

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$9.45 - $9.45
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Pack of 2 round biodegradable reusable kitchen scourers Perfect for scrubbing away hard grease, stains and any food residues 100% biodegradable an...

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