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No 2 Plastic-Free 3-Ply Toilet Paper - FSC Certified - Priced per Roll

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Pattern: Pink & Yellow

Give the gift of a secure supply of classy looking, eco-friendly toilet paper! Or, score some for yourself and save yourself the disappointment of an unfruitful trip to the store. Price is per roll.

This is what a T.P Revolution looks like.
100% Bamboo Toilet Paper with superior wipe
that's better for you and Mother Earth.

  • 100% Bamboo toilet paper
  • Strong for a clean wipe
  • Silky touch
  • Plastic-free
  • Soy Ink printed wrapper
  • 100% Recycled packaging
  • Clog and Septic safe
  • Responsible Forestry Certified

Roll measures 4 x 4 in.


95% Less
Butt CrumbleTM

This is serious. What is butt crumbleTM ? We think this video says it all! Butt crumbleTM is essentially the unwanted gifts those other papers leave behind when you wipe. No, thank you! In fact, we decided to personally test a whole lot of different paper materials to create a smooth and silky toilet paper that’ll have you exiting the bathroom butt crumbleTM free. You’ll find yourself equipped with a light, clean feeling and more pep in your step.



“Wrapped in custom printed recycled paper, No. 2 masters the unique challenge of making soft, bamboo toilet paper you actually want to show off in your bedroom.”

“Dr. Goldstein says that if you’re not engaging in proper hygiene, you are leaving yourself open to significant irritation, especially in the hot, humid summer months. one way to clean up your act is to opt for a bamboo toilet paper, which is typically softer and stronger than the traditional kind, like Number Two.

“It’s become apparent that sooner or later, every market will be made over in the millennial image. What started with brands like Glossier and Warby Parker has now grown to include direct-to-consumer toilet paper”

“Sure, your standard store-bought toilet paper will get the job done, but that's not good enough for No. 2. This direct-to-consumer brand is all about delivering the highest quality TP in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner.”

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