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Free Shipping Over $50

Jungle Jumble Mini Bamboo Puzzle/Brainteaser


Can you take all 12 pieces of the pod apart and put them back together again?

This eye-catching puzzle will entertain your family for hours. It's also a nice looking coffee table accessory. Buy them all and keep them on display on a shelf. These bamboo puzzles are also nice ice breakers and are fun to keep on your desk.

  • Ages: 9-99
  • Difficulty: 4.5/5
  • Box size:  2.75 x  2.75 in.

Solve a puzzle step-by-step, without leaving a footprint. These classic assembly puzzles re made of eco-friendly bamboo so you can clear your conscience and focus on the challenge in front of you.

Tough on your brain, easy on the environment.

Please note: These do have a PET plastic window.