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Free Shipping Over $50

Deluxe Laundry Zero Waste Adventure Kit


People are so interested in these zero waste laundry products that I thought I'd bundle them together to make an engaging gift. You can chat with the recipient about how their dryer bill could be reduced by 25% by using the dryer balls, or about how millions of plastic detergent jugs are being diverted from landfills because of paper-like laundry strips. Washing your clothes with "nuts" sounds intriguing and also mention the fact that Eco Nuts was featured on Shark Tank! 


  • Tru Earth Linen Eco-strips 32 Loads - Fresh Linen
  • Tru Earth Dryer Balls 100% Premium Organic New Zealand Wool - 4 pack
  • Eco Nuts Soap Nuts - 100 Loads